Isodiol Proprietary Blends CBD Nano Ultra


NanoCBD suspended in water (10mg/mL)



CBD Nano Ultra is a water-based concentrate that can easily be added to any water-soluble product such as water and beverages. Through advanced physics and chemistry, Isodiol uses ion-sized nutrients (the size that can move through cells’ membranes) and cleverly encases them with water molecules. Due to this incredible technology, people have reported faster response times with great results. Nano-materials are tiny particles measured in nanometers, or billionths of a meter.

Due to their incredibly small size, nano-particles ingested in food and water are fundamentally different and can move throughout the body in advanced ways. Experts on nanotechnology are virtually unanimous that nanoscale materials have the potential for health effects that are uniquely different from the same substances comprised of larger-sized molecules. Nano-materials are already being added to foods, supplements, and cosmetics.


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