Isodiol CBDNanomist Brain


Oral Spray with Heneplex NanoCBD- Helps Maintain Neuro-Agility (Berry Flavor)



CBDNanomist Brain is a proprietary blend that masterfully combines the power of East Asian adaptogenic herbs with the advanced science of Heneplex™ (nano-hemp complex), for a fully balanced formula that protects the mind and promotes mental acuity, naturally.

The power of this herbal blend requires a perfect balance between the potency of the herbs chosen and the ratios of these extracts. This wisdom has been cultivated for generations and passed down within a line of master herbologists resulting in a closely guarded formula that works optimally in the body to promote relief safely and effectively.

Suggested Use:
Take three sprays twice daily by mouth or as needed. Spray directly into the mouth, hold for 20 seconds, and then swallow. 12 Units to a case. Master case 48 units.


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