Animal Face


Animal Face, also known as “Animal Face #10,” is a rare Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Face Off OG and Animal Mints. It takes the piney, gassy terpene profile and potent high from Face Off OG and pairs it with the cookie-flavored smoothness of Animal Mints. Animal Face weed is known for giving a full mind and body-numbing high that lets you drift off into physical and mental bliss. Bred by the famed Seed Junky Genetics, Animal Face took first place in the 2022 Emerald Cup Awards.



Animal Face

Animal Face crosses Face-Off OG to Animal Mints, and we’ve celebrated the Seed Junky Genetics strain since it jumped out of the bag and bit us in December. The misty Buzz strain grew into a misty Strain of 420 ‘22 and stays hot into summer, thanks to a first place finish in the indoor flower category at The Emerald Cup 2022.

Winning grower Fig Farms says they have a bunch of it this summer, so all of us mere mortals can bask in the glow of the judges’ favorite: expert-level, maximum fuel bite, dank-cookie back notes, and scorching high-THC effects.


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