America’s winning weed Strains of Summer 2022

Misty’s annual Strains of Summer 2022 is a collection of new crosses from all-stars such as Wedding Cake (Dream Cake) and Runtz (Red Bullz, Apple Tartz). It’s a time filled with nostalgia, featuring 90s-era OG gas (Double OG chem), grapes (Alien Labs”Y2K”) and catatonic Hindu Phunk by Cypress Hill rapper B-Real. Their cultivator Kenji Fujishima grows seven varieties of OGs within his South LA flowering room.

“Word out on the street says that the gas market is returning, so green weed, lots of OGs,” said Fujishima.

Secure the fridge this summer as delicious new dessert varieties like Cookies’ BernieHana Butter and Seed Junky Genetics Georgia Pie will be found in every pantry. This is a summer full of gobstopping guaranteed connoisseur-style terps, candy aisles. Check out the Zkittlez crosses such as Zoap, Team Elite Genetics’ Pearadise, and Karma Genetics’ Zowahh.

In the following section, Misty sniffs out the most popular, award-winning, trending popular strains that are a good dozen for the summer. We examined sales and search statistics and spoke with top growers, breeders and breeders retailers, and brands throughout the US. We also were able to smell and smoke file cabinets packed with flavor. So, sit down and join in the zaza chat. Delivery services are waiting to pick up your order.

Double OG Chem

Pineapple Express Hybrid Strain | Pineapple Express Delivery | Pineapple Strain


Sometimes you need to orbit the earth so high you can only hear heavy breathing and your pulse in your ears. Lunatics smoke animal face and go beast mode in a gym. Us mortals can enjoy this winner alone on the couch when ready to take our faces off for the night.

Animal Face crosses Face-Off OG to Animal Mints, and we’ve celebrated the Seed Junky Genetics strain since it jumped out of the bag and bit us in December. The misty canna strain grew into a and stays hot into summer, thanks to a first-place finish in the indoor flower category at the Emerald Cup 2022.

Winning grower Fig Farms says they have a bunch of it this summer, so all of us mere mortals can bask in the glow of the judges’ favorite: expert-level, maximum fuel bite, dank-cookie back notes, and scorching high-THC effects.

Dream Cake

Cannabis Dark Chocolate Truffles | Infused Chocolate Truffles | Misty cbd

Get a newly-created Wedding Cake or Ice Cream Cake cross this summer to guarantee a enjoyable time. Stoners have Wedding Cake in the top five most searched for this summer, because the cake appears so cold and inviting. It also smells delicious and tastes so good. People are relaxed, excited and full of food after eating Wedding Cakes. Three emotions we can all benefit from more of in these tense hot summer months.

The most simple win? Get your Dream Cake (Wedding Cake x Sunset Sherbert) from Misty Cannabis for Delivery in LA and throughout California. Foxy’s team chooses and then jars only the most distinctive iconic, fresh, small quantities of LA indoor hydro. Like 100 pounds for each wiet Kopen of the strains or less.

Expect to be delighted when your package arrives instead of being furious over an old jar of cardboard terps. “Everything is curated by hand. We give away more than we’d like,” said CEO Ryan Littman. The fashion industry never ceases to evolve therefore, when you see a Foxy flavor is gone and is gone, it’s gone.


1-ounce-durban-poison-(Sativa), Durban Poison | durban poison delta 8 | durban poison beer

Another sure win: Zkittlez crosses in 2022, particularly to champion strains such as the OG Kush and GSC. Get straight to the top by combining Zoap. While the rest of the world was focusing about Gelato, Deo Farms went differently and went further ahead.

Similar to David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust phase — it’s amazing. The mysterious Oakland group have dug in OZ Kush (Zkittlez with OG Eddy Lepp) to create a Pink Guava. They and then added Sunset Sherbert, to create a Rainbow Sherbert, and then added the two together. If this seems like math, concentrate on Zoap’s distinctive look and the delicious tropical-candy and smoky, dank scents and the high-voltage, high-THC combination effects. Also for more products you can visit other store like Medispensary.

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