AutoUltimate Cannabis Seeds Autoflower




AutoUltimate is one of our bigest autoflower can Yield up to 400g

This is a plant which delivers good production levels of top strength cannabis, it is highly recommended and delivers consistently impressive harvests.

The best results were obtained when The Ultimate was automated together with some genetics from our AutoMazar. The outcome is a vigorous high-yielding variety which grows up to 80-100cm with compact buds ranging from medium to large in size. The buds are sticky and coated with a sweet aromatic coating of resin. The taste and high from AutoUltimate are very similar in quality to the original.
With proven parent genetics, and the best breeding techniques, AutoUltimate guarantees a great performance in your growroom. We feel this is one of the best combinations of yield, quality and consistency available, even from our own collection.

AutoUltimate Info

  • 5 seeds per pack
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
  • Life cycle: 10 weeks
  • Indica/ Sativa
  • Yield   outdoor  plant 300g – 475g
  • Yield   indoors   450g to 500g/m²

Minimum order : 4 packs


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