• Kosher Kush

    TYPE: IndicaTHC: 22% – 25%  CBD: .1% to .35%SMELL: Earthy, Pine, Pungent, SpicyFlavors: Herbal, Lemon, Pine, Sweet, WoodyBEST FOR TREATING: Chronic Pain, Depression, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PTSD, StressCREATED FEELINGS: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, SleepyDURATION: Moderately strong high that usually lasts around 2 hours.SIMILAR STRAINS: Grandaddy Purple, Irene Kush and God’s Gift
  • TYPE: SativaTHC: 17% to 22%APPEARANCE: Haze nugs are covered in THC light green and have orange pistils.SMELL: Haze has a floral, spicy scent with accents of citrus and musky sweetness.BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Fatigue and Stress.CREATED FEELINGS: Haze creates a very alert and energetic high. You feel high focused and ready to take care of the task at hand.DURATION: Great high for around 2 hours.SIMILAR STRAINS: Green CrackJack Herer and Super Silver Haze
  • LINEAGE: Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)TYPE: Sativa DominantTHC: 18-24% CBD: 0-.3%APPEARANCE:  OG Kush has beautiful hues of bright and dark green. The nuggets are thc rich, dense and visually magnifiscent. The buds vary in size and are usually smaller and popcorn sized nugs. Orange pistils are present throughout the sticky buds.SMELL: OG Kush is very pungent! It will smell up a room in no time. It has a wonderful sweet scent, with a strong piney fragrance. The smell is intense but tantalizing.TASTE: OG Kush tastes very nice. It has a sweet citrus taste with piney earthy undertones.BEST FOR TREATING:  Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain, Appetite, Depression and MigrainesCREATED FEELINGS: OG Kush produces a very uplifting and social buzz. Between 30 minutes and an hour you may start to feel the relaxing effects set in. Some experience relaxation, couch lock or even fall asleep given the circumstances. Overall OG Kush is a very satisfying mix of head high and relaxed body high.DURATION:  The OG Kush high ranges from 2 to 3 hoursSIMILAR STRAINS:  Sour DieselChemdawgTahoe OG, SFV OG and Raskal’s OG
  • Type: Sativa Dominant HybridTHC: Usually between 15% and 22%.Appearance: Blue Dream has a blue hue under the light and dense popcorn-like nuggets. The buds are light green and glisten with trichomes and radiant orange pistils.Smell: Blue Dream has a sweet,zesty and fruity aroma that is delightful to the senses.Best For Treating:  Stress, Anxiety, PMS, Pain, Appetite, Depression and MigrainesCreated Feelings:  Blue Dream hits you with a great full-bodied flavor. Followed by a Euphoric, uplifting and focused high. Blue Dream is great for creativity, a favorite amongst artists.Duration: Like any strain, the high will vary by quality; usually just around 2 hours.Similar Strains: Trainwreck, Green Crack and Green Ribbon
  • TYPE: SativaTHC: Between 17% and 25%CBD: .02%GENETICS: Landrace (South Africa)APPEARANCE: The buds are tight and very sticky. It is trichome covered with deep colors.SMELL: Sweet, fruity, mint, licoriceBEST FOR TREATING: Pain, stress and depressionCREATED FEELINGS: An energetic high that is very active and great for daytime.DURATION: Durban Poison produces a long lasting high.SIMILAR STRAINS: Trainwreck, Green Crack, Blue Dream and Super Lemon Haze.
  • TYPE: HybridTHC: Between 18% and 27% CBD: Between .09-.19%LINEAGE: OG Kush x Durban PoisonAPPEARANCE: Girl Scout Cookies is a beautiful strain. The nugs are trichome rich and very dense. It has twisting green calyxes, fiery orange hairs and hues of purple and blue.SMELL:  Girl Scout Cookies has a very pungent and sugary sweet smell.BEST FOR TREATING: Stress, Depression and Pain.CREATED FEELINGS: Girl Scout Cookies produces a talkative great high that is mainly in the head but does provide body relief. Most can still focus and complete tasks.DURATION: High that lasts 2 to 3 hoursSIMILAR STRAINS: Sour DieselChemdawg and Tahoe OG
  • TYPE: Indica HybridTHC: Between 14% and 20%GENETICS: Blackberry x AfghaniAPPEARANCE: Blackberry kush has dense dark green buds with hues of purple that are completely coated in trichomes and thin orange pistils.SMELL: A mix of fuel, berry and spice.BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, pain and appetite.CREATED FEELINGS: Creates a mellow body high that keeps you alert not tired and lazy.DURATION: Chill high that usually lasts an hour or two.SIMILAR STRAINS: Bubba Kush, Godfather OG and Tahoe OG.
  • TYPE: Sativa DominantTHC: Between 16% and 20%CBD: .25%Genetics: Cross of Northern Lights, Shiva Skunk, and HazeAPPEARANCE: Jack Herer buds are light green, with orange hairs containing copious amounts of resin and THC.SMELL:  Spicy pleasant smell that is both fresh and rich in pungent terpenes.BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Pain Relief, Appetite, Depression and MigrainesCREATED FEELINGS: The high created from Jack Herer is about as wonderful as a Sativa gets. The first hit pumps your body full of energy and leaves you ready to take on the world. One of the most productive feeling highs on the market, you may finally get around to cleaning your kitchen. Jack Herer also has very little “coming down” effect making it a great daytime smoke.DURATION: Great high for 2 hours
  • TYPE: Indica Hybrid (80% Indica 20% Sativa)THC: Around 24%CBD: .04%GENETICS: OG Kush phenotypeAPPEARANCE: The buds are light green, dense and hard to pull apart. The nugs are tightly coated in trichomes and orange pistils.SMELL: Pine, lemon, fuelBEST FOR TREATING: Pain and anxietyCREATED FEELINGS: A relaxing body buzzDURATION: Relaxing high that usually lasts around an hour and a halfSIMILAR STRAINS: Afwreck, Chemdawg and Tahoe OG
  • TYPE: SativaTHC: Between 14% and 21% CBD: Around .1%GENETICS: Skunk #1 x Afghani Isolated CutAPPEARANCE: Buds are attractive and light green. There is an abundance of orange hairs.SMELL: Green Crack has an intense and fruity aroma and flavor, with notes of mango, pineapple, to exotic woods and incense.BEST FOR TREATING: Stress, Depression and Pain.CREATED FEELINGS: Green Crack like its name suggests produces a very uppity sativa high. It makes you feel energetic, almost wired. It is a great daytime smoke.DURATION: Clear headed high that lasts 2 to 3 hoursSIMILAR STRAINS: Green Ribbon, Blue Dream and Super Lemon Haze.
  • TYPE: IndicaTHC: 19% to 27%APPEARANCE: G-13 has an abundance of trichomes and orange hairs.SMELL: G-13 has a musky, earthy smell.BEST FOR TREATING: Appetite and StressCREATED FEELINGS: G-13 is one of the rare pure indica strains to have an uplifting effect. It produces a full-body high with no tiredness and a clear head.DURATION: Great high for around 2 hours.SIMILAR STRAINS: Afghani, Bubba Kush and God’s Gift
  • LINEAGE: OG Kush x SFV OGTYPE: Sativa Dominant 60% Sativa / 40% IndicaTHC: 21-25% CBD: .07-.2%APPEARANCE: Tahoe OG Kush is visually stunning. It glistens with trichomes and is a beautiful green with hints of purple. The pistils are an orangish red.SMELL:  A wonderful distinct mix of sweet, piney fragrances and fuel. The smell is as intense as it is amazingly pleasant.TASTE: Tahoe OG tastes of sweet and sour citrus with some earthiness, fuel, and spice.BEST FOR TREATING:  Insomnia, Stress, Pain and Migraines.CREATED FEELINGS:  Tahoe OG creates an intense high almost immediately. The body high greets you shortly thereafter. She is a very potent strain that is great for night time and not great for productivity.DURATION:  The high ranges from 2 to 3 hoursSIMILAR STRAINS: OG Kush, Larry OG and SFV OG